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Headshot of Felicia Graham holding a makeup brush.

Felicia G. The Artist

I am a native of Jersey City, NJ. As a young girl, I had a love for singing, acting, and makeup.  My passion for the arts & creativity is what led me to compete in pageants and talent shows and that's when I began my journey of experimenting with makeup. I love a natural look when it comes to makeup. I really didn't like that makeup artists would put so much product on my face so I basically learned how to apply my own makeup out of necessity.  I loved doing it so much that people would ask me..."who did your makeup?" When I said, "I did!!!" That's how it all began.


Combining my two passions has afforded me the opportunity to have a successful career in the arts.  I honed my skills while working for MAC Cosmetics for over 5 years and doing makeup for a number of fashion shows and pageants.  My work can be seen on film, television, music videos, fashion magazines, and much more. I am inspired by all things, life, people, family, music, nature.  I believe that makeup is a wonderful tool to enhance, empower, and make people feel special. 

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